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The work is curated to appeal to an expansive audience, from abstract to realistic, and traditional to contemporary. You will see an array of works from paintings to pottery, sculpture, jewelry, glassware and furniture; from large to small works at a variety of price points.

NOTE: Individual artists bios and images of their works will be featured here, coming soon.

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Michelle Bahr-Guinon

K. W. Bell

Carol Brauer-Schmidt

Mary Brodbeck

Jack Brouwer

Wendy Mersman

Anne Marie Buckman

Ronald Campbell

Marge Clay

Elaine Dalcher

Char Davis

Ann Dehoog

Kate Demke

Lisa Dionne

Don Doezema

Mary Doezema

Cyd Dutcher

Kim Easterday

Rose Ellis

Sy Ellens

Lauren Everett Finn

Jim Friis

Skye Gentle

Jennifer Gould

Maureen Bergquist Gray

Amy Greving

Ladislav Hanka

Jerry Harty

Deborah Hoover

Sarah Hubbard

Carolyn Hudson

Angelis Jackowski

Susan Jacoby

Debra Reid Jenkins

Robyn Kane

Salina Kalnins

Helen Kleczynski

Carol Kuiper

Carole Lende-Svec

Jeff Lende

Sandi Lummen

Alan Maciag

Maxine MacLeod

Jim Markle

Susan McElfish

Mark Mehaffey

Kathy Mohl

Gerald Moore

Bob Morris

Judy Munro

Eric Nykamp

Debra Oliva

Bonnie Osbourne

Colleen O’Rourke

E. Lynne O’Rourke

George Peebles

Michael Pfleghaar

Lisa A Poulson

Mimi Prussack

JoAnna Randolph

Gene Ranz

Mary Rawson

John Riepma

Zoelle Rogers

Julie Sanford

Idelle Hammond-Sass

Jenny Schu

Charles Smalligan

Allen Spencer

Mari Star-Golub

Erika Stegmeyer-Derrigan

Carla Sutton

Larry Sybesma

Ann Teliczan

Bryan Van Benschoten

David VandeVusse

Reuben Vantil

Paul Varga

Bruce Wiegand

John Wierenga

Mark Williams

Terry Wood

Michelle Wybenga

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